Site Introduction

Video introducing the Learning Environment

Exciting Learning In the World of Music – Offers a New Kind of Digital Learning Environment is a digital learning environment that invites all children to explore the world of organs in a fun and educationally meaningful way. was created from the need to introduce organ and organ music to children who may not have the opportunity to visit churches or concert halls to learn about the instrument. The website provides a digital learning environment that is available regardless of time and place, aiming to make the world of organs accessible to all music enthusiasts.

Who Is the Website Designed for? is designed for elementary school music education, and it is particularly well-suited for students in grades 1 to 4. The website offers engaging gamified sections where students can build their own organ, participate in quizzes, and explore the world of organs through instructional videos. As a teacher, you can utilise the site without specialised knowledge in the field of organ, making the introduction to organ easy and effortless, thereby promoting the joy of learning and fostering creative thinking among students.

Teacher’s Tool and Key Features of the Learning Environment

  • Gamified section where the user can build their own organs.
  • Quizzes with answers found in instructional videos encourage thorough content review.
  • Short animated instructional videos showcase organs, pipes, and sound registers.

The Objectives of Finland’s Curriculum

The website supports the objectives of Finland’s elementary school curriculum, promoting the joy of learning, creativity, and insights. Gamification has been recognised as an effective learning method. provides teachers with a versatile and captivating tool for music education.

Usability is free, easy to use, and available whenever you need it. You don’t need to log in or create an account to use the site. The site allows you to create an unforgettable musical journey for your students into the world of the organ.

Supported browsers:

  • Apple Safari v15 and newer
  • Mozilla Firefox v97 and newer
  • Google Chrome v97 and newer
  • Microsoft Edge v97 and newer

The supported versions were released in 2021. It is recommended to use an up-to-date and updated browser version. Other browsers and older browser versions might work, but full support for functionality cannot be guaranteed.

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Suomen kulttuurirahasto (The Finnish Cultural Foundation)

Musiikkikoulu Ilonen

The Lutheran Church in Turku and Kaarina

Tyksilä Daycare

Auckland Symphony Orchestra

Topexpos Voyages website

University of Bradford

Additionally, thank you to many individuals and everyone who has worked on the project!